Client management

Client management includes the following:


ISPadmin enables effective management of connected clients in Clients. Clients are organized in a well-arranged way by services and other additional criteria. (Settings Active Services General)

You can use fulltext search in each of the contact lists thus effectively finding all needed information about clients. You can combine search criteria in order to get better results from your search. You can always click on client's name in contact list and enter directly to Client card which displays client details and enables you to work with them. Hover over client’s name with your mouse and will get quick information pane with selected client information.

Client card

It displays all information related to a currently selected client. On the left side of the screen, there are tabs in which you may work in relation to each section. Client card is accessible from Client Contacts upon clicking on a requested contact. The same applies on any place in the app where you can click on client´s name, e.g. in Scheduling or Invoicing.


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