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Create a pending item and review those already created. Pending items are often used for invoicing scheduled interventions and reminders, or other services which are not invoiced regularly. Review not invoiced pending items in the entire system in Invoicing Overviews Pending Items.

Add pending item

Choose template By doing so, requested data are pre-filled. This way adding a new row as pending item will be both unique, and correct. Define templates in Invoicing Settings Templates Pending Items. If you don´t use templates, or desired item is not defined you have to fill in the following data manually.
Title Item description
 VAT rate Item VAT rate; rate from Invoicing Settings General, ID dph is set by default.
Unit type Type of unit, e.g. hour, pcs.
 Quantity Number of item units
 Price/Unit excl. VAT Price per item excl. VAT The system will calculate the next 3 fields automatically.
Accounting codes

Application of items for needs of double-entry bookkeeping. Set it up in Invoicing Settings Accounting.

Billing from

Initial date of invoicing the service/item. Usually it is left unchanged (i.e. current date is used), the first invoice is issued at next invoicing. (Invoicing Invoices). If you move the date forward, the first invoice will be issued following this date.

icon info2 You may use Internet system variable $BILL_FROM$, which uses this date. Use for e.g. contract templates when a specific service is selected.

Press Save to add the item. It will be displayed in Uninvoiced items where you can modify it.

icon edit Edit item
icon delete btsp Delete item
  Copy item data to new item


alert icon  If client pays regular invoices using permanent bank order, pending items on invoice may stay unnoticed and an invoice unpaid. That´s why you´d better issue a standalone invoice for the intervention (Invoice Pending Items).



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