Creation of client number

While adding a new contact to the system, you will be offered first unused client number. It is recommended to use numerical series starting with current year, e.g. 2009 (or 09). You will be offered number incremented by 1 for subsequent contact. You may wish to insert individual client number, e.g. while reconnecting already disconnected client.

You can select between manual and automatic creation of client numbers. Manual creation could be used in case you want to preserve numerical series from previous system. Or if you want to have client numbers base on year numbers. If you enter client number manually the system will offer you this client number incremented by 1 for subsequent client. Newly added clients may thus be simply marked with numbers: 20090001, 20090002, 20090003 etc. Marking the clients in this way enables you to say when a certain client was connected. Also, overview of clients may be sorted easily in different lists in the system. You can also use manual creation of client number for cases when a disconnected client is being re-connected and you wish to assign them the same client number, which is helpful for history-keeping purposes.

If you do feel the need to deal with the precedent ways of assigning client numbers, you can select automatic assigning of the client numbers and the system will take care of everything automatically. This option eliminates the possibility of human error because the client number field will be hidden on the form. Settings of client numbers is defined in SettingsSystem SettingsGeneral, ID typ_klient_number. You change this parameter at any time, thus combining the options.


If you use manual creation of client numbers, a collision of client numbers may occur. The system automatically monitors collisions of client numbers and makes sure client number is always unique. Collision are reported. Each change of client number is recorded in Client card / History.

If you use automatic creation of client number, no collision may ever happen. The system also checks variable symbols (or specific symbols, if defined) so that variable symbol is unique for each client.


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