Proforma invoices

Proforma invoice is a non-fiscal document. It is merely an instruction for the client to pay for a service. It is defined for each invoice group individually.


Invoicing Settings Invoice groups, Proforma invoice, Issue pro-forma invoice  

Pro-forma invoice is issued for all clients irregardless to their individual set up. If no pro-forma invoicing is set, you may do so individually for a client.

Name for proforma payments (Notice of payment) Invoice heading (Usually, texts like “Notice of payment”, or “Pro-forma invoice” are used.)
Addition on proforma invoice Text used in pro-forma invoice supplement, e.g. “You will be sent a due invoice automatically on your e-mail $EMAIL$ following your payment”.

Invoicing Settings General

proforma_automatic_send A due invoice may be sent following a payment. You may select if due invoice is to be sent, and to what address.
proforma_invoice_number 0: Pro-forma invoice is with the same number
1: Pro-forma invoice is with a different number (Use 0 for clients with permanent bank order)
proforma_mail_copy If proforma_automatic_send is set to 2 or 3 you can define e-mail for sending copy of due invoice.
proforma_prefix If client has no client number you have to define prefix for generation of variable symbol on pro-forma invoice. Prefix must be NNN, where N is the number 0-9.



If issuing of pro-forma invoices is on, the system automatically issues pro-forma invoice. Pro-forma invoice (Notice of payment) is not a tax document; it is merely information which amount, and under what VS/SS is to be paid by client. If pro-forma invoice is settled, the system automatically issues a due invoice and sends it to the client (optional). But if a client has set his invoicing to post or hasn't set his email or does have invoicing by email disabled, then the system sends the notification to the email set in Invoicing Settings General, ID billing_mail.


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