Unscheduled tasks don´t necessarily have to be linked to client or router, or technician, e.g. painting the office. You can assign unscheduled tasks later to a technician, or add a client/router.


Type You can set the types in Settings Code lists Scheduling Task Types.
Client / Router Select from the list of clients in the system or start typing name/surname, and the system will show respective results. Enter any name for clients who are not in the system yet.
When Service mission on router task is selected, Router item will be enabled.
You don´t have to enter neither Client, nor Router.
Task price Enter price for the task.
Estimated time Specify how long individual task is supposed to take.
Task description Notes or details related to the task.


Task list

Setting the task to certain date/time (you may also select Unspecified time) to a technician (up to 3).
icon edit Task editing
icon delete btsp It will delete the task and record this action to (Statistics History History, Scheduling section > Tasks > Removed records)


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