Introduction to invoicing

Here you will find basic settings for you to start using Invoicing module.

General settings

The very first set up to be performed is in Invoicing Settings General. There are items here that have impact on basic behaviour of the module. The most important items are:


Setting of price type used in the ISPadmin system:

0 - Prices entered = prices excluding VAT. Prices incl. VAT are calculated based on the specified VAT rate.
1 - Prices entered = prices including VAT. Prices excl. VAT are calculated based on the specified VAT rate.

See the examples below.

dph VAT rate
dph_low Reduced VAT rate
export Select software used for importing invoices.
pozastavit_neplatice Option to suspend a client:
0 - off
1 - If invoice meets suspension parameters client will be suspended
pozastavit_neplatice_min_castka Minimum amount for a client ‘s debt before suspension.
pozastavit_po_splatnosti Number of days after invoice due date before client gets suspended.
price_rounding Invoice rounding
splatnost_faktur Invoice due date according to a specified number of days
vs_ss_exchange 0 - Client number is stated on the invoice as a specific symbol and invoice number as a variable symbol.
1 - Client number is on the invoice stated as a variable symbol and invoice number as a specific symbol.

Calculation example following settings in cena_dph_typ:

cena_dph_typ = 1

 Price incl. VAT = 11.85 - entered in ISPadmin

Rate = 20% - entered in ISPadmin
VAT = Price incl. VAT x coefficient
Coefficient = [rate/(100 + rate)]
VAT = 11.85 * [20/(100+20)]
VAT = 11.85 * 0,1666666667
VAT = 1.975
Rounded VAT = 1.98
Price excl. VAT = Price incl. VAT - VAT
Price excl. VAT = 11.85 - 1.98
Price excl. VAT = 9.87

cena_dph_typ = 0

Price excl. VAT = 11.85 - entered in ISPadmin
Rate = 20% - entered in ISPadmin
Coefficient = [(100 + rate)/100]
Price incl. VAT = Price excl. VAT x coefficient
Price incl. VAT = 11.85 * 1.2
Total incl. VAT = 14.22
VAT = Price incl. VAT - Price excl. VAT
VAT = 14.22 - 11.85
VAT = 2.37

Create Invoice group

Invoicing Settings Invoice group

Each client belongs to a certain invoice group which represents provider´s company. If you are one company, one invoice group is sufficient. Some ISP´s compose of more companies, hence more invoice groups for each company. Each invoice group has its own logo and stamp for invoices. Also, all data such as numerical series, invoicing, statistics or clients are kept separately. Each invoice group must have its own numerical series.

Bulk Generation of Invoices

You can issue invoices in bulk by invoice groups in Invoicing Invoices Invoices.

If you are a beginner, please bear in mind not to use test invoices in real world - do not send them to client emails! As soon as you’re done with testing you can contact your technical support that will remove all test invoices from your system. This way you will always have your invoicing module ready for real invoicing.

icon info2 Useful

Creation of standalone invoice

Proforma invoices


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