Virtual installation

Installation file

The most common way to install ISPadmin is using installation DVD which is available at promo events, or downloadable from It is a ispadmin-XX-64bit-debian7-DVD.iso file (XX represents ISPadmin version).
ISPadmin runs on a Debian GNU/Linux distribution which is included in the installation DVD so there is no need to have a Linux installation ready prior to ISPadmin installation. Just burn the downloaded ISO file onto a DVD and follow the instructions.


We have great experience with VMware virtualization technology which has been used for many ISPadmin installations without problems. However, you may also try to run ISPadmin on another platform supported by Linux. In this case, we cannot guarantee you its functionality and reliability.




A lot of ISPs´ have been running ISPadmin on VMware. Its main advantage is hardware scalability based on current needs and server load, and also the hierarchical system of snapshots. It turns out that despite easy administration and low cost operation it is a viable solution for ISPadmin. To install it, create a virtual machine, mount image with ISPadmin installation DVD to it, set the default GW and IP address, and contact our technical support to complete the installation. If you prefer doing it yourself, follow the installation guide.
USB - VMware supports USB2.0 so it will connect the device to a subordinate system.
SMS gateway - We have succeeded in activating both COM, and USB SMS gateway.



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