Hardware requirements

To run ISPadmin, a dedicated server is required, or you can use one of the supported platforms (VMWARE, Proxmox). Hardware requirements may differ from number of clients, supported routers and devices.
We recommend to use high-quality equipment with the following recommended configuration:

Recommended configurations 1 000 clients and 100 routers 5 000 clients 10 000 clients
Processor 2GHz and more, 64-bit architecture required!, recommended: Xeon with two, for or more cores Xeon 6 Core (12 cores in total) 2 Xeon Core (24 cores in total)
RAM 4 GB RAM and more 32 GB RAM
Hard disks 2x 250GB and more (SATA or SAS) with RAID1 for system, 1x 500GB (1000GB is better) for NETflow module
Use a hardware controller as RAID, if possible. Otherwise we should be able to set up software RAID during the instalation (attention - software RAID cannot be set up in the installation utility!). The size of the system even after a five-year-long operation does not usually exceed 35GB + the backup system data. The data bulk for NetFlow at the operation 200 Mbit/s is about 1,5 GB a day, which is approximately 300 GB for 180 days (half of a year).
SAS HDD (15k RPM, ideally), 2x 300 GB of capacity at least (system and database), and 2x 600 GB for stored data. Consider using SSD disks for their I/O speed. 
CD-ROM The drive is necessary only for the installation of the system and in case of serious system failure; an external drive can be used.
COM port If you want to connect your own SMS gateway to the server and send client reminders, plans to technicians, outage messages from Nagios etc. through it, we recommend to purchase a server with this port. It is possible to connect telephone/SMS gateway through USB as well, but the instalation is more complicated and it may not be always possible to activate the device. An optional solution of a missing COM port is an additional extension card with COM ports. In this case, it is necessary to find out before the purchase whether this particular type is supported by Linux (if there are available drivers for it).
Another option is to use SMPP protocol for connection of SMS gateway which is connected in the network and uses TCP/IP protocol.


In case of virtual installation with more applications / system on the same HW, bear in mind that all operations share the same HDD, and may reduce their speed due to IOPS which the HDD is capable of managing. Disproportional use of IOPS on HDD may affect the actual operation speed of ISPadmin. We recommend sufficiently configured HW, or a dedicated HW solution solely for purposes of ISPadmin. Consider having the database on separate HW for higher number of clients. If you are not sure with regards to the right HW configuration contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

alert icon For cases of blackout, it is advisable to connect the server to a UPS back up source because a sudden disconnection of the system might cause a damage of the database or of the system itself.

Sometimes HW RAID driver or a network card problems arise. A lot of problems can be solved even when the purchased server is not supported (ie. patch cores, driver compilation, or copying of installing archive through the Internet, etc.).

icon info2 You may also host the installation of ISPadmin on our servers thus leaving all HW-related troubles to us. We guarantee you a 100%-availability and security of your data. Also, unlimited technical support is provided.


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